To date I have taken three Japanese language night classes. It has been 6 months since my last class finished and I have officially plateaued. I need some push, drive & inspiration!

I am going to make a commitment, create regular posts in an attempt to build on my vocab, improve my sentence structure and generally gain more of a grasp on things. With the bonus of a white board I blagged from work I’ll stick some short posts on new phrases, helpful everyday conversation info & ways of breaking the ice etc…

The main problem I find studying Japanese online is the amount of bullshit and lies mixed among the truth. Just because someone has a YouTube channel and is obsessed with Pokemon don’t take their information as gospel. do your own research, check different sources. My wife is Japanese so I can confirm the info is accurate, at least from the point of a native speaker.

Well that’s enough of an intro for the project, form here on out it will be simple, to the point & hopefully informative.

ありがとうございます  – Arigatou gozaimasu.


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