Gota catch em all & they are not Pokémon.

Well the summer is in full swing once more and I have slipped back into the obsession of fishing, trapping all things outdoors.

Last year I constructed a small fish trap from some plastic bottles and other various bits and bobs, unfortunately I didn’t catch a thing however this year I have reviewed the design and came up with something much better. 

Behold the small aquatic creature catcher 2.0 (new name needed). It looks like an old school torch that petrol stations gave away for a tenner of fuel but trust me this little gem works a treat!

The design follows the baisc principal of funneling the fish or shrimps into the main body, once in there the little critters can’t escape. Well they could if they had the brain power but evidently they do not!

I used and old protein container for the main body of the trap, the funnel is made from a wide neck apple juice bottle, if I want to target smaller prey I can simply attach the bottle top to the neck, creating a smaller aperture and thus denying access to larger prey. A nice coat of dark grey paint helps it blend into the weeds / rocks etc. 

When working with plastic it’s very easy to unintentionally crack or even snap your project therefore I would recommend when possible to use heat. To make the holes I used a soldering iron, this guarantees an easy, smooth way of punching holes and limits the chance of cracking. 

Yesterday I caught and then released three Blennys (small saltwater fish) using ragworm as bait. The trap has a small piece of wire to suspend the bait inside, I figured it better to keep the bait away form the edges of the trap, this way the prey has to come inside rather than chew bits of meat through the sides etc. For weight I attached around 4 ounces of lead in the form of fishing weights, in rough water this is no where near enough weight however this trap is intended for large rockpools & calm intertidal sections of the shore. 

This post is by no means a tutorial, I just wanted to share my latest creation. If you have any interest in building your own trap imagination is your limit, just remember the baisc principal of funneling your prey into a large chamber, making it difficult for them to return the way they came. 

One last thing before I go, always respect nature & your surroundings. Do not kill anything you are not going to eat! Think about it, there will be nothing to catch in the future! Please help to maintain a sustainable environment for both humans and animals to enjoy for many years to come. Most importantly do not throw litter down, it’s shortsighted, narrow minded, embarrassing and bloody lazy! 

If you found this post interesting give me a follow or even better if you happen to make your own trap send me a picture, I’d love to see other people’s take on it. 
Thanks for your interest!

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