Paludarium revival

All fish have now gone, however the tank is still home to various species such as a aquatic snails, water slaters, flatworms, Tubifex and gammarus shrimp amongst others. 

I added a fresh layer of gravel sealing off the loose soil layer. This helps keep the water clear although it came with its costs, a lot of the Tubifex have been entombed due to gravel being dumped on them however I left a number of areas free from coverage. The population will soon recover. 

The baby spider plants or ”spiderlings” as I’ve come to call them are thriving from both the nutrients in the water and the 2300k CFL light. A small LED strip light provides the background colour, it’s good for setting depth of field & comes with a remote featuring lots of different colours and effects. 

The remaining plantlife consists of various mosses paired with ‘opposite leaved golden saxifrage’. The saxifrage is from a local glen and the moss was collected from numerous local forests in a respectable and sustainable fashion.
The paludarium is now over six months old, it’s has transformed and evolved into something I am very proud of. 

Below is a picture from the initial setup and another of how it’s sitting now. The overall landscaping has been greatly refined.

If you have any questions or want to get in touch please do. 

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Thanks for your time and continued interest. 


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