At every turn it looked like a scene from the Goonies.

Recently we planned a day trip to the Islandmagee peninsula, a strip of land that juts and curls along the Co. Antrim coastline.


This area holds a fascinating mix of geology & beauty. Basalt sea stacks formed from rapid cooling lava stand proud like twisted statues carved by elements over millennia. In contrast round pebble beaches flanked by sweeping coves lie hidden and all your own.


As usual I’ll let the pictures do the talking, If you ever visit Northern Ireland be sure to spend a few days touring the Antrim coastline, its on power with Australia’s great ocean road.


We had initially intended on scrambling the rocks for an hour or so but ended up talking, exploring & drinking coffee all afternoon. Before we knew it Portmuck, a small sheltered limestone harbour lay before us. Once past the point of no return we risked a power walk down the country road back to Brownsbay.

Tired legs and great discoveries, Enjoy the rest of your weekend.




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