End of season special

The ice is coming, like a slushy egg timer the nights are slipping into a murky chill that hasn’t been felt in many months. The tomatoes cling to their vines, trapped with horrid thoughts that soon they will explode, cracking with a crispy frozen pop! 

I couldn’t let them go out that way, I collected what remained on the various plants and placed them on our front room grow table. 

Unfortunately this years fruit was very late which resulted in lots of premature, unripened tomatoes. But nonetheless they will turn red in no time, the sun tracks this window all day long providing a great area to grow plants and in this case ripen fruit and veg too. All will be eaten!

The following two pictures are from the front room grow table and also my computer room spider plant collection.

I would highly recommend growing some spider plants, they are beneficial to air quality and look great too! 

I hope you pulled in a good harvest this year, thanks for your continued interest. 

Have a nice weekend.

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