Spiders from noodles, I doubt it makes sense. 

I have a serious collection of spider plants, they hang from every corner of this place. The young plants or “spiderlings” as I’ve come to call them just keep sprouting from the long runners cascading down the mature plants. Over the years I’ve used these spiderlings to test various botanical contraptions & ideas. I’m currently suspending some over my Paludarium, they are growing hydroponically feeding from the nutrients in the tank. 

The root system is growing quickly & the fish enjoy swimming close by. They have yet to Show any interest in eating the roots which is a good thing. 

My latest slice of Botanical curiosity turned into this minimalist style shallow water culture pot. 

It’s made from a noodle cup and an old green plastic plant pot. I decided to use perlite as the growing medium.  

If your going to make something like this ensure you place lots of holes in the plant pot. Top, bottom and sides, this will provide the roots with lots of options when reaching out for water. 

I’m using fishtank water to feed this little fella but they grow perfectly well in ordinary tap water. Trust me, I’ve put spider plants though all sorts of tests and they are hardy as hell. The Rambo of houseplants!

Thanks for your interest, if your into this sort of thing give me a comment or follow. Cheers. 


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