Fluorescent Chillies


The seasons are undeniably shifting once again, with the nights drawing long some people suffer from the lack of heat & sunshine. To remedy this you could throw together some simple clamp style light fittings, a few cheap bulbs and some seed. Creating a little patch of endless summer right in your home. As a bonus you can grow plants like chillies, tomatoes etc and eat the rewards. Try planting supermarket off cuts; things like spring onions, lettuce etc will quickly regenerate.

A few weeks ago I came across these Habanero chillies in B&Q, 50p each! I’ve been growing them under a little table made from an old pallet in our living room.


The CFL bulbs are cheap to buy and economical to run, they generate very little heat and are available in all shapes and sizes. When it comes to growing plants there’s really only two things to remember, firstly these bulbs generally come in two versions. Warm white & cool white, Cool white helps the plant to expand in size (vegetation) and Warm white helps the plant to flower. The second thing is Lumens, basically the more Lumens the brighter the bulb.

I’m not getting into detail on the topics of light spectrums or growing techniques in this article, this is merely the bare bones. You can look for the meat elsewhere.


If you would like to continue your hobby through the winter months why not give something like this a try, the internet is packed full of creative & inspirational ideas. I’m mainly interested in plants that produce something beneficial rather than have a purely superficial value.


If you have any ideas or perhaps already grow something interesting over the winter periods please let me know.

Thanks for your interest.


4 thoughts on “Fluorescent Chillies

  1. I just brought my lemon tree inside. It’s better to bring it in before the heat goes on. It’s 15 years old, and I love it above all my other house plants. I have a tree lamp in the living room. I replaced one of the CFL bubs with a full spectrum one, and they are all shining on the lemon tree since there won’t be any light coming in from my southern exposure for another couple of weeks. (huge maple tree blocking all light) My light meter says the light from the bulbs is high so it’s all good!

    1. Hey, Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. It sounds like the lemon tree is in good hands. CFL bulbs are the way to go, very economical. Where about’on this planet are you living? sounds quite northerly.

      1. It is quite northerly – Michigan! And, it’s getting quite cold at night. 39 is the forecast for the evening here. I know the lemon can tolerate that since it was semi-sheltered, but I like to have it in for a week or so before the central heat goes on. It’s enough of a shock to come inside after luxuriating all spring and summer outside.

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