Paludarium update 

On the 26th of June 2016 I released two stickle backs into the system. 

Unfortunately one died shortly after its release, the survivor has been named’jack’.

So far the tank contains around 9 gammarus shrimp (some babies have been spotted), two pond slater’s, one 3 spined stickleback and lots of local flora. 

The idea behind this Paludarium was to create a slice of local wildlife in my home. The tank was designed around the idea of recreating a small section of a river bank. I like to think if you dipped your head under the water at a local pond or river this is the sorta of thing you may see. 

I’ll keep updating this project, fingers crossed everything goes well. I’m pretty confident that the nitrogen cycle has settled and by slowly adding additional elements I can maintain this equilibrium.

Thanks for your continued interest, stay tuned. 


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