Paludarium update

It’s a been a few weeks since this miniature environment took off. I’ve since made some sponge filters and installed a power head to create a current, I released around 10 gammarus shrimp into the tank, they seem to thriving.

Here’s a few pictures, thanks for your continued interest.



I researched the ‘Nitrogen cycle’ on-line and found that you can make an easy biological filter with some household items. Bacteria builds on the filter media. In this case I have used clay pebbles, the bottom of the filter contains some sponge to remove the larger debris in the water.


I also purchased a cheap Led light from eBay, it has a remote control enabling lots of Colour variations. Well worth the money.


I’ll update this project on a semi regular basis, give something like this a go. As much satisfaction as a full blown glass tank with a terrestrial element thrown in, all with a foot square.

Thanks for your interest.


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