It must have been ‘Nutts’

I woke up very early today, icy rain cracking at the window. The good old body clock was battling with the electric blanket. After navigating the frozen stairway I made my way to the kitchen, decent coffe and a brioche now I’m moving.


I decided I’d have a gander at the world though Google maps, here’s what I discovered.

The left image shows Nutts’ corner, a popular spot for motor racing and all things petrol related! Its also the host of Northern Ireland’s once great now grim Nutts’ corner Sunday market.

When we were kids you could buy all sorts of dodgy goods at this place. Fireworks, BB guns, copied PlayStation games…. The list goes on.


Now sadly all you’ll find are buckets of Rusty tools and tents full of fake leather jackets. How times change, however I also remembered that this was a WW2 airbase.

The photo on the right is the base as seen during the war. It’s quite exciting to think that nowadays when you drive up the A26 your actually cruising along a WW2 runway.

Well that’s my Saturday morning history lesson. Hope you enjoyed it.

Have a great weekend.


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