Broken bones & ventures unknown

I’m currently off work with a broken wrist & today the boredom of sitting around the house came to a head.

So grabbing my camera, wellies and a flask of coffee I set off down an overgrown field riddled with laces of Fireweed, Brambles and Nettles. There was a somewhat more direct route to my destination but the channeled drainage river was lined with concrete and strewn with a nasty mesh of razor-sharp brambles. After wrestling with the tall Fireweed a while longer I was greeted by an old stone bridge, overgrown and long forgotten.

From my side of the bridge I could hear rushing, bubbling water cascading from a little waterfall that emptied the drainage river to my right into a wider basin below. By the time the water had traveled form one side of the bridge to the next it slowed remarkably & gathered in a tranquil little back water on the far side.

The bridge itself was very old with lichen and runs of wild strawberries springing from the gaps and cracks between the heavy stonework. I will definitely visit this area again soon and maybe even take some light fishing gear.



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