Maxxis High rollers you served me well.

For over a year I have been riding with a set of Maxxis High Rollers 26 x 2.35. They are a great all rounder, work well in the dry as well as the wet but like everything they have their limits.


If you come across some wet mucky trails you will soon discover that the high rollers draw the sludge to the tread and hold it there like some sort of muck magnet. My advice is to get a front fender of some sort, failing that wear some eye protection. Once you clear the mucky section of trail & begin picking up speed your tyres will flick all that lovely brown stuff straight up into your face. Muck chucker.

Now that the slagging is out of the way I can touch on the good points of the tyre. Firstly they are very hard wearing, as I stated I’ve had mine for over a year and I use my bike quite regularly. The rubber is tacky meaning it grips well yet it is strong enough to last the test of time (to a point).

The tread pattern gives a confident footprint on loose runs and the 2.35″ width provides a good surface on swampy terrain without digging deep into the wet ground. The sidewall holds well when inflated correctly.


After a while my rear like any tyre started to loose its grip due to wear, when this happens simply flip the tyre around and you can easily get a few more months out of it.

The price is a little high in my opinion coming in at around £20 per tyre when you consider what else is available on the market on the very friendly side of twenty quid.

To sum them up.

Great all round tyre. Can get clingy with muck but are very hard wearing with a good tread pattern.

Time for a change.

Now that my High Rollers have joined the spares rack I decided to replace them with a Schwalbe Space on the rear and a Continental Vertical up front. I will post a review on both these tyres after I give them a whirl, first impressions are good.

The Schwalbe Space has a vicious tread with great spacing to shed the muck.


The Continental Vertical has an interesting tread pattern and a nice tacky feel, hopefully it will bite into the corners well.


I’ll be back with a review on these boys soon.

One last thing, always pack your tunes!



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